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alpha360 ERP announcements - C#/.NET version

Startbeitrag von Steven Sitas am 04.11.2016 19:49

We have now left behind us the "shock" of the earthquakes in our area and are back to business as usual.
We are in the middle of transfering ALL the documentation on our main web site and are planning to re-introduce the community and support site - using another technology platform.
They will be ready by 15.11.2016 - at the same time we expect to release v0.5 of the WX ERPs.
At www.alpha360.biz, you will also find the announcement of the C#/.Net core 1.0 alpha360 ERP implementation.
This will be published ONCE, as a version 1.0 product, with NO intermediate releases.
It will be available AFTER the FINAL releases of the WX implementations and we will have more information to share in the coming months.

For reasons I think everybody understands, we will NOT post any more information about the C#/.NET implementation on this site.

* don't forget to refresh your browser when you first visit our site.

Thank you all for your support

Steven Sitas



Just curious to know as to why are you developing your ERP on multiple dev tools (platforms)?

What benefit are will you derive from choosing .NET as an alternate dev tool (platform)?

Will you be blogging as to how hard it will be (or was) to port WXERP to NET ERP on your web site?


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 08.11.2016 13:40
Hi Yogi,

Since we are targeting developers - and NOT end users - the obvious answer is that there are millions of .NET developers in the world.
And this version of .NET - .NET core - is both Open Source and Multiplatform.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 08.11.2016 17:11
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