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WD 19 to 21

Startbeitrag von DW am 08.11.2016 04:21

Hello All,

Has anyone upgraded a project from v19 to 21 with any success? I have tried but is basically sucks. I have had windows that where completely transparent. toast display that would never go away, Reports with embedded quires that hang the program, Automatic timers don't work anymore.

By now with all the updates I would think they would have some of these show stoppers fixed by now. I don't have weeks to figure out why this stuff is broken. after wasting 8 hours on the toast display and creating a sample project it works fine on a new project but the upgraded one did not. It finally started working until the last update.

I am almost at the point of stopping at version 19 and retiring my project that I have been working on for the last 10 years.

I guess I just needed to whine a little because as far as I can tell it is not going to get any better.

Peace out,



Hi DW,
it depends on the complexity of your project. Some projects are a snap, others are a pain. Took me more than a full year to transfer a 200-windows project from v5.5 to v20. But from v19 to v21? That shouldn't be any big problem. Maybe, there are already some immanent problems sleeping in your v19-project? I recommend to start a new project in v21 and transfer the bits and pieces of your v19-project step by step. Start with the analysis, then add the project code, add the style book, the global procedures, then the main menue and after that window by window. Most probably you will stumble over the culprit very soon.

von GuenterP - am 08.11.2016 06:17
Hello Guenter,

That is just what I don't want to have to do. I have 140 windows, 60 reports, 1 component ,couple dozen classes and a lot of procedures. This is not a full time gig for me so I can not afford spending 3 months starting over again. I started the project in Version 10 and upgraded it every 2 years once I new Windev was stable I have had a lot of pain along the way with every upgrade but no show stoppers. Right now v21 is not usable for me...


von DW - am 08.11.2016 06:29

I converted from version 18. About 45000 lines of code . 80+ db tables. It went great.


von Allard - am 08.11.2016 08:57

you don't need 3 months...

You need 3 hours...

Do what Guenter described, with ONE change... don't import windows 1 by 1. Import groups of windows (50 at a time)...

when things crash, you know that the culprit is in that group and you can redo it with smaller groups. In y experience, it's rare to have more than one broken object, and if you have project wide symptoms, it's often the project file itself.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 08.11.2016 09:19
I also had a lot of weird problems when upgrading my ERP from WD19 to 21. I reported them to PCSoft, but they could not help. Finally I was able to fix the problems simply by deleting all the PCSoft entries from the Windows registry.

Best regards

von Ola - am 08.11.2016 12:17
Hello Ola,

I will give that a try first


von DW - am 08.11.2016 22:02
I was import project from 18->21 on easy and weird way.
1. Recompile your project in version 19
2. Backup project (option: Save and Restore) in your "Backup Folder"
3. Close Windev 19
4. Open Windev 21 and Restore project from your "Backup Folder"

For me, everything is restored without any one error.
With classic option Open->Save older version->bla,bla,bla it was impossible and with plenty of errors

von ICI - am 09.11.2016 06:36
Hi DW et al

"I am almost at the point of stopping at version 19 and retiring my project that I have been working on for the last 10 years."

You expressed my feelings exactly. More problems surfaced after I had fixed some of them by deleting all the PCSoft entries from the Windows registry. Continuous problems in WD21. The worst was that the euro sign started to appear in reports in many (not all) currency fields, that I had defined without the sign.

So I finally bit the bullet and moved all my ERP's elements from my ERP to a brand new app, the way Guenter and Fabrice advised. That was 271 windows, 70 reports, 64 queries, 15 sets of procedures, 172 000 lines of code, 53 000 lines of comments etc...

Did not take one year. Took more than 3 hours though; a day and a half plus half a night.

In case anybody is interested, here is how I did it, plus my experience of the process:

1. Made a two full back-ups of the app and its subdirectories, on separate external media.

2. Renamed the original app's directory to something else.

3. Made a new directory with the original name, on same disk.

4. Copied the original directory's contents (all sub-directories -- except .cpl -- and files) to the new directory.

5. Copied all the elements from the app's root directory to the "My projects" directory, because that is where Windev looks for them by default, when importing them. (First I cleaned the directory from anything that was there. Nothing important).

5. This I did not do, but recommend doing, because it may save some time:
Delete or move all the back-up copies of the element to somewhere else, in order to avoid selecting them by accident during importing.

6. Cleared the new directory's root.

7. Created a new app with the original name in the new cleared root directory

8. Opened the original app in the old renamed dir and the new empty app in the new dir and copied the project's codes (initialization, closing, etc) to the new app. Then closed the old app.

9. Imported the main menu first, but this probably is not important.

10. Then started importing other elements in decent size batches in alphabetic order so that it was easy to keep track of what was imported. Saved the project after each batch.

11. Fixed the errors.
There were a lot of errors. At some point I had over 2000 of them, but no worries, most of them disappeared when everything had been imported.

Then I had some real errors, which had not been errors at all in the old app, not even warnings, like over 500 errors about variables out of scope. Several global multilingual messages had disappeared into bit heaven. There are no shortcuts here, they all must be fixed.

There were also some weird errors, which disappeared after I had deleted their elements from the app and disk and re-imported them.

I just started testing the new app. The euro sign problem seems to have disappeared.

Best regards

von Ola - am 16.11.2016 21:32
Thanks everyone for the input!

I am short of time with the holidays but when I get some free time I will give it a go.


von DW - am 18.11.2016 00:25
I have the same problem converting a WB19 project to WB21.

Also about 150 pages.

The conversion could be done and a lot of errors were reported but that is not the problem.

I basically want WB21 for the Responsive Web feature.

So created a new template that is responsive but whenever that template must be applied to all the pages the application stops.

You go in, rebuild the project and when you have to apply the template the same thing happens over and over.

I tried applying the template to only a few pages at a time. That might work for about 30 pages and then the application stops again.

After rebuilding the project you have to apply the template to ALL pages again and so it has been going on for 3 weeks.

Ericus Steyn

von Ericus - am 18.11.2016 09:44
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