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[WD20] Multiple manta servers / databases on a single MS Server

Startbeitrag von Al am 10.11.2016 05:22


I would like some advice on the best way to handle mutliple HFCS databases on a single server.
We have an MS multi-tenanted server that serves 20 to 25 clients.
Each client has their own separate HFCS database. The users per client vary from 1 to 10 so we have a mix of light and heavy use clients on each server. The data in the light use databases is about 1GB and there can be 4-6GB in the heavy use clients. The Windev app is re-entrant so a single user may have several copies of the app running. There never seems to be more than 30 users logged in at any one time. At the moment there is a single manta service running and it hosts the 20-25 databases.

One problem in this approach is that I cannot restart a single database because I have to restart the Manta server, which then shuts down all the databases. I also wonder about running that many databases on a single Manta server - is that good practice ?

One solution I can see is to run mutliple Manta servers - one per database - but that means that the server is then running 20-25 Manta servers with all the associated overheads and splitting the memory between them all.




I think vmware could be a fit with a server of 2+ CPU and of best running on ubuntu server
with 32GB RAM and SSDs in RAID 1 to enhance speed and 2+ network cards to facilitate the
loading balancing on the network bottlings.

Windows server is OK but it's slow and can't be any Linux server in terms of speed and
network for serving esp. enterprise databases except using SqlServer.



von kingdr - am 10.11.2016 13:49
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