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Exe has stopped working

Startbeitrag von Gabriel Marten am 11.11.2016 08:19

Hi All

I have a windev 20 application working perfectly in several installations, but in one of them the windows errror "TF_RB.EXE has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution to the problem..." randomly appears and closes the exe. This program is installed in 10 windows 7/8 workstations (core i3 4GB) with HFSQL running in a windows server 2008 R2 (Xeon 16GB), the error occurs in almost all the workstations.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!

Gabriel Marten


Hello Gabriel

If it occurs from all the 10 workstations then you could logically assume the problem is server related.
A few things to consider:
It might be from a windows update - can you pinpoint when it started to any updates at the same time ?
Check the server logs they might have more info
You could check the virus software - turn it off and see if that fixes it
Corrupted server dll you can run sfc /scannow to check You will need admin rights for this
Corrupted registry - delete all the registry entries for your software and reinstall it.
Same for HFCS - clear the registry and reinstall it.


von Al - am 11.11.2016 08:35
Hi Al

Thank you for the info!



von Gabriel Marten - am 11.11.2016 10:38
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