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Project manager

Startbeitrag von Jorge am 11.11.2016 17:27


In your opinion, what is the best tool for project management software development?

Requirements, tasks, milestones, project status evaluation...

Something like WX Control Centers.

Jorge Matos



Many companies in Holland are using Jira. Its a cool 100% webbsaed tool to implement scrum .


von Allard - am 12.11.2016 00:04
We user Jira for project management, Jira Service Desk for our help desk and Confluence for documentation.

von steve erts - am 12.11.2016 05:31
Hi Allard and Steve,

I am interested to know if JIRA allows a given customer to see all his own tickets and improvement suggestions, as well as giving them an internal priority for them?

We would need such a feature because we have customers with whom we have special partnership. They give their priority on some stuff to do and when we process their requests, we do it in their order (for this customer only).

If ever you know any help desk software than can do that, I would be glad to hear from you.

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 14.11.2016 15:53
Hi Alexandre Leclerc

Yes Jira can do that. And way more stuff. It has een api that you can use to change and add things as well.

von Allard - am 14.11.2016 18:00
Thank you very much Allard for the answer.

We will most probably subscribe for the 30 days trial to check it out. If it does these two things, we are in business.

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 14.11.2016 19:20
Hi Alexandre,

I have worked for a caompany that uses JIRA for scrum. Users can be giffen tasks that are in the current sprint or the next one etc. Users can see all tasks added to their scrum board. They can be set in a specific order ( importace as you stated this)

But you can make it so that it groups on a issue and an uissue has several tasks etc etc. If you finnish a task a mail is sent to other members or stakeholders etc.

A user can be an external user. A user can add insidents or bugs or what ever you specify.

What you want can be setup easily. This is a big app with API and other stuff so you can convigure or add stuff yourself.
As stated you can use it as a SCRUM TOOL.

von Allard - am 14.11.2016 23:20
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