javascript control adding to wb21

Startbeitrag von Allard am 12.11.2016 16:14


I need something webdev doesnot provide. A Gant control .Found one on the net. It is in JS

Ok when I add js files to the page they are in de web_ Map of the webdev project.

1 What if the js files that need be added are located in seperate folders ( need be because are programmed wit this structure )
At first I saw the in the page ( where the js are added with th 7 tabs window that all was added in the web folder ( webfolder/filename.js and not for instance webfolder/dir1/filename.js
In the source of the webdev page generated this is the case as well.

- However I saw it is possible to edit the path. But It seems that the path is not in the source of the generated page.
Question: Is this indeed the case or not. It can be the the page just doesnot gets refressed regarding the added JS files and that one has to remove the generated page first?

If So the the only way to get stuff working is to edit the js files so the y work from one map . That would be a huge task . so I like to know if it is the case and there is no other way.




Hi Allard,

If you add the javascript framework, you can create a subdirectory in the _WEB directory, e.g. MYPROJECT_WEB/gant_js.
Then you just copy everything, including all subdirectories into this subdirectory.
You will know which files to include in Webdev by looking at the includes in the example index.html that is usually provided with the js package.
Then you only have to include these files in Webdev and if you use the Add button to include them, Webdev will automatically use their relative paths when deployed. No need to edit the path.
All other js, css, image files etc. will automatically be proposed to be included in the deploy setup when you deploy and thus can be called by the main js file.


von Piet van Zanten - am 12.11.2016 21:06
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