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[WD21] weird problem

Startbeitrag von iso am 15.11.2016 12:05

when i double click a control it doesnt open the description, neither does a right click and selecting 'Description'
The only way i can access the description window is through the project explorer, its the same for all projects. It was fine yesterday!
If i double click the window it opens its description, its just the controls.

anyone had this problem before?





It could be the virus, updated anti-virus app, Windows update or something else...

There's a big patch in Windows on Nov 8 and Windows 10's 2nd big patch...

Interesting... and pls let us know when it's fixed.

I do suspend some workstation to avoid any Windows update but with
good anti-virus program on, works a charm, some w/s even haven't got
Windows update for 2 yrs, fast and workable but using chrome/firefox as
a sub for IE.



von kingdr - am 15.11.2016 12:39
Thanks King, i added an exception in my antivirus pointing to my windev installation folder and now it works :) there had been some updates this morning, my antivirus is AVG.

thanks again.

von iso - am 15.11.2016 13:02

its not working after all, any other ideas?

von iso - am 15.11.2016 13:11
What Windows do you have? Try un-install AVG for short to see if this is the case.
Check taskmgr to see what's running behind the scene...

von kingdr - am 15.11.2016 13:14
windows 10
disabled Antivirus, still same
Nothing running in background that shouldnt be

The other weird thing is if i select two controls then do a right click the description window opens for them both.

von iso - am 15.11.2016 13:27
Hello iso,

try: Project; other actions; repair the project.

Sometimes it helps

von Frans - am 15.11.2016 13:33
thanks Frans, but no change, its the same on every project, even if i start a new one.

The Modification>Description on the main ribbon menu doesnt work either.

von iso - am 15.11.2016 13:50
Disabled AVG is diff from uninstall and chk Windows 10 update history and
it might be the cause, if so, uninstall any previous updates and suspend any
further update for short.




von kingdr - am 15.11.2016 13:55
Hi iso,

If nothing else helps, it may be worthwhile to delete all PCSoft entries from the Windows registry.

best regards

von Ola - am 15.11.2016 14:26

I'm not in a position to uninstall my Virus Protection right now, but i ll try it later, if nothing else works thanks.

There are hundreds of PC Soft registry entries, surely if i remove them all Windev wont work at all?



von iso - am 15.11.2016 14:56
I'm assuming you already tried deleting the .cpl folder?

von Curtis - am 15.11.2016 15:00
yes, no change.

von iso - am 15.11.2016 15:04
Thanks for your help, it was way off the screen! no idea how it happened, anyway i used ALT + SPACE then the arrow keys to move it back. Because the Project explorer opened it, i discounted that it could of been this.

von iso - am 15.11.2016 23:20
Hi Iso,

Deleting PCSoft registry entries affect only your WX interface(s), the way you have set all the tools, the shortcuts you have assigned to dialogs etc (which is a pain...).

I have done this a couple of times, and it has cleared some weird problems from me.

WX will create new default settings automatically.

Best regards

von Ola - am 16.11.2016 21:42
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