fListFile with UNC Path

Startbeitrag von willy hermans am 15.11.2016 15:07


FListFile seems not te work with UNC path.

A Server is connected with an external computer via VPN.

I have access to one map.

I have to import the files in that map.

If the map is connected with a drive letter it works. But that connection is not stable.

Someone advised me to use the UNC name. But I can not read the content via the UNC path.

Some ideas.


Willy Hermans


Is sharing and security set up correctly for the target directory? Can you see the file list in the File Manager.

Are you using something like

FList is ANSI string = fListFile("\\S1\MyDirectory\*.*",frNotRecursive+frNoHiddenFile+frNoHiddenDirectory)

von Donald Montaine - am 16.11.2016 04:57
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