Re: Webdev changing font size in style

Startbeitrag von Allard am 19.11.2016 14:48


I was wondering if it where possible to change say the fontsize of a style used.

I can change the font size by hand on each and every control but it starts with font 13

I uses the material design.

The same question but then for for instance buttons. The material design has a certain way of displaying the button with css.

The material design comes with buttons that have caption on. If I want to change this I have to set if for eacht button. And changing this applies as well.

If I look at the project discription I can only choos material design for instance and change some colouring etc but not caption of a button and fontsize used in the whole app.

Material design uses 13 .I think that is a little big for an Application.




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