wd 21 hexidecimal figures in debug

Startbeitrag von Allard am 21.11.2016 18:12


I experiance a strange thing when debugging webdev 21 ( dynamic site ) server code.

If i do a search on a grand ledger account nuber and the outcome should be 1401
then I get 31 34 30 31

It looks like some kind of hexdecimal number for a string I get long string looking numners as well

This not onley unreadeble it sometimes created faults. For in my code I sometimes use a switch on a constant that is for instance 1 till 10. It then skips over the code for the odd number is not equl to anything.

Has anyone had this as well. If So is there a solution to fix it ?



Hi Allard

on the right of the debug window, there is a TOGGLE type button to switch from normal to hexa and back. Just click it

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 21.11.2016 18:31

Thank you very mutch !!!


von Allard - am 21.11.2016 18:37
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