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[WB21] responsive design

Startbeitrag von Piet van Zanten am 23.11.2016 13:19


Has anyone used the RWD features extensively?
I read that in march the French version was still completely unusable according to Fabrice.
We have two updates available, last one from October, so what's the status now?
I'll tell you my experience:

The last few days I have been working with RWD and my impression is that using html/css would actually bring 10x faster and more accurate results than this tool.

Some of the things I ran into:
- anchoring is all relative to the left page margin, which makes using fixed size elements on a line virtually impossible. (because content will gradually slide off page)
- While WB's positioning was always sloppy (except for the overlayed items) this is even worse in RWD design. In the editor overflow in cells that are anchored as "height adapt to content" show a red overflow error, while testing them in the browser they DO expand in height. (which is nice, but why not show it in the editor?)
- Very annoying is that elements grouped in a cell seem not to be limited to the cell. They can spread allover the place in the other blades, as i.m.o. they should always be inside the cell on all blades, except if you use overlay of course.
- Error messages do not make sense, one misplaced control can trigger tens of gui errors and red error areas, making your display look like a battlefield.
- The arrow key buffer fills up rapidly, so moving a control around mostly overshoots it's target, still moving for seconds after you release the key. It's like moving objects with a long rubber band.
- The order of controls is supposed to be from left to right, top to bottom. However, in my experience if they are perfectly top-aligned but not equal in height, this order is not respected in the browser if overflow occurs.

I tried to make a simple contact form responsive, separated all captions from the input fields to make them go on top of the input in smartphone mode, but no matter what I tried, I could not get the controls to line up properly in the tablet and smartphone blades.
I don't understand why cells do not act as divs in html. Absolute positioning ("overlay") is obviously not possible, but why not have an absolute position relative to another control (cell) like in normal css.

The current state of RWD is suitable for very simple sites, anything beyond that is a huge gamble.

Some tips and pitfalls:

- a quick fix when you find yourself stuck in a mess is to restore the state of the controls from the main blade. Select all (or only the one you suspect to be the cause) and right click. You need to redo your edits though.
- changes to inner spacing of input controls and style of controls need to be modified on the main blade.
- remove all overlays from converted pages before using RWD, they will generate countless errors.

Please share your experience with us to help others and don't hesitate to prove me wrong and show me how RWD can be a wonderful tool in the right hands.



Hi Piet,

same result here... usable only for very simple sites...
Let's hope that v22 will be more advanced at that level

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 23.11.2016 14:31
Hi Fabrice,

Thanks for confirming.

Best regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 23.11.2016 14:53
Hi Piet,
tried it a little, but I couldn't make it work.
But, from my general experience with WEBDEV, I am 99% sure that I AM doing something wrong !!!
It always takes me a couple of months - after each NEW version of WEBDEV - to understand HOW PCSoft has implemented a new feature in the IDE.
And most of the time, I was doing things wrong at the begining ....

I think that PC Soft could produce a step by step video - in English - to show how to use these features.

By the way, I have also NEVER been able to run AWP on my test machine.
Either my own apps or PCSOFTs examples - I always have to run them on a production engine.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 23.11.2016 16:12
Hi Steven,

It's true, usually the learning curve for new features is very steep, mostly due to limited documentation.
And in a few days, great tenacity and a many headaches my understanding has grown.
An example:
At first when I put a control on the page and it flies to the extreme left or right (off page) of the window I was flabbergasted, but after extensive fiddling I found that changing the anchor of the control a few times back and forth it would finally make it stay in place.
Exciting to see if simply moving a control will make it stay in place, but not very productive I'm afraid.

About AWP pages, very strange that you cannot run them in test mode, I can even run AWP pages on my testmachine in the browser from outside Webdev. Are you getting any error messages?
Which webserver are you using on your test machine?


von Piet van Zanten - am 24.11.2016 09:49
Hi Piet,

but why not have an absolute position relative to another control (cell) li

That is possible. You can anchor based on an other item if you want. use control can be overlaid.

Then right click and anchor. You can choos a control and base its position on that.
You have to set each cell object on the page to behave as you want it to behave. And if there are no errors then the page generated does fantastic on google . Testing sites on mobile are better than moast wordpress templates!!

Ok it takes some time to figger it out but it does work. But there are things that can be apporoved. For instance the tab control. It doesnot scale as in windev ( when using lots of tabs. It should move the tabs as in windev ).

But it is my opinion that it canbe used for production.


Iam working on a web app as we speak. I donnot use resposive deign for that sinse it is going to be for desktop. And it works out surprising ly good.

von Allard - am 24.11.2016 11:56
Hi Piet,
Using Windows10 pro and MS IIs. Latest WD 21 (32bit) and testing with PCSofts example - WWW_Precilia_Winter.

Error with simple RUN
Configuration of WW_Precilia_Winter site incorrect for C:\WebDev 21\Examples\Complete examples\WW_Precilia_Winter\WW_Precilia_Winter.wdl value.


Error with DEBUG
What happened?
Error detected by debugger security mechanism: error initializing test mode.
Error code: 0
Level: fatal error
System error code: 2
System error message:
The system cannot find the file specified.
Dump of the error of 'wd210vm.dll' module (21.0.330.0).
Debugging information:
OpenEvent a echoue.
Echec de l'initialisation du dialogue DBG
The system cannot find the file specified. (2)

I can make it run - after doing "a repair the project" - for one or two times.
After that the problem comes back ...

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 24.11.2016 13:23
Hi Allard,

When you're in RWD mode the anchors are limited to horizontal anchoring relative to the left margin of the page.


Edit: I mean, you can't use overlay in RWD mode, becuase it generates errors and the control will be all over the page, but not where you want it.

von Piet van Zanten - am 24.11.2016 15:43
Hi Steven,

Did you try the WDAdmin tool, Advanced tab, Diagnostic?
On the Sites tab you can see which sites are installed.
Every project you tested should be in the list there.


von Piet van Zanten - am 24.11.2016 15:49
Hi Piet,
I have tried everything ....
Since my computer has gone from Windows 7 Ultimate -> Windows 10 pro, with MS updates, I am suspecting some kind of "rights" problem, services etc.
According to Google Translate, this seems to be a wide spread problem and it often comes up in the French Forums.

As soon as I get some free time, I will setup a CLEAN Windows 10 machine and see how things go.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 24.11.2016 17:22
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