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Extremely weird but it might be of interest

Startbeitrag von SolutionJ-Reg am 27.11.2016 12:16


Morning everyone,

About a week ago I put up a question about the fact that all of a sudden I could not generate an Executable for my project. This was very worrying because I have several customers using this system.

Some good advice was given and I followed it all, and in fact it's only this morning I finally rebuilt the project library by gradually importing, compiling and backing up chunks of objects at a time.

So, I was almost in tears when, all of a sudden, the same thing happened. I could not believe it. Between the last successful executable build this morning and the first one to go wrong again the only thing I had changed was the version number. The last working one was, but having set it to the Executable creation started freezing again.

In desperation I tried again, this time setting the version to and .....
It worked!

So, for some reason for which there cannot possibly be a reasonable explanation, the version seems to cause the Executable creation to freeze, at this for this project.

Bizarre? Weird? I'm lost for words, except that I've just spent 5 days rebuilding my system when I only needed to change 1 digit in the version and try again.

So if any of you ever have problems generating an executable, I strongly suggest you try changing the version number first.



Hello Reg

Interesting info but not that I want to test it out :)

My prime version number keeps pace with the Windev version the software was compiled for so at the moment my producttion release is, so I won't run into the problem you describe for another 22 years, by which time - hopefully - it is not an issue anymore.


von Al - am 27.11.2016 22:30

This is a wild guess but it might be that your exe with that version number matches a virus/malware signature (have seen this before) and then your AV interferes with the generation. Worth a quick review I guess...

von JP - am 28.11.2016 05:38
Hi JP,

I guess that's a possibility, who knows. It's spooky that the number giving me the problem is 42 (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)...

von SolutionJ-Reg - am 28.11.2016 08:38
lol! Great books :)

I once had this problem and just changing a couple of bytes in the exe changed the "signature" and all was OK again. Painful to find out though!

von JP - am 28.11.2016 09:43
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