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Groupware issues

Startbeitrag von Bill Quinn am 29.11.2016 19:24


I'm still trying to wrap my head around groupware and its files. My goal is to predefine the basic groupware security for my client and distribute those files with the exe. Additionally, on my development computer I would like to use the same data files for both testing via Go and running the exe.

I'm using WD21 and all my files are HFSQL Classic. I've setup groupware as:
- Automatic User Groupware
- Runtime: manual start
- Files: Directory of Data

This code is in the project's Initializing area:

gsDataDir is string = fCurrentDrive() + "\ProgramData\Blasting"
IF fMakeDir(gsDataDir) = False THEN


LPWRes is int = 0
LPWRes = gpwOpen(gsDataDir)

CASE gpwOk:
// CASE gpwCancel: Info("The Cancel button was clicked.")
CASE gpwError: Error("Error while initializing the groupware." + ErrorInfo())
CASE gpwUnknownUser: Error("Unknown user.")
CASE gpwInvalidPassword: Error("Invalid password")
OTHER CASE: Info("other " + LPWRes)
IF LPWRes gpwOk THEN EndProgram

My problem is if I delete all the data files and test my project (via Go), I get prompted to enter the supervisor user, set a password and everything works. If I close the app and run the exe, I don't get prompted to enter a user name. I only get this message.

The description of the logical file stored in the analysis is not compatible with the one stored in the physical file . Unable to access the file.
The item of file is unique key in the file but it is not found in the analysis.
The descriptions are not compatible, duplicate errors may occur during the additions.

If I delete the files and run the exe first, I do get the login screen but it does not create the supervisor user. I only get "User does not exist." Then, if I try to run in test mode, I get the same error as above.

FYI - originally I did not have the GPU files in my analysis. After importing those files, the above issues still remain. I did not import the GPU windows, code, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Bill


Hello Bill

When running in test mode you can nominate the folder where your test date resides in the Project > files option but the GO option expects to find groupware files in the project EXE folder regardless of any other setting. That could be the cause of some of your issues.


von Al - am 01.12.2016 11:38
Hi Al,

Is this the case even after an HSubstDir has been issued? That's the first thing I do.


von Bill Quinn - am 01.12.2016 12:43
Hello Bill

I don't know because I have never used the HSubtDir() function but I imagine that it would still apply.


von Al - am 01.12.2016 14:55
Ok, thanks Al....guess I still have work to do to get out of the Clarion mindset.

von Bill Quinn - am 01.12.2016 15:25
Hi Bill,

I think you should check what do happen when a user not have access rights to a control in your system, when I tested the groupware it stopped the whole app with a error message, it might not be what you want to do :)

(In my case I just wanted to restrict access)

Cheers from an old Clarion user


von Tor-Bjarne - am 04.12.2016 15:06
Hi Tor-Bjarne,

That is definitely not what I want to happen! ;) I too just need to restrict access. I actually got to the point where I ripped out groupware entirely and put together my own mini version of security. Very simple - supervisor, can't delete, can't modify or delete. Just enough for this project.



von Bill Quinn - am 04.12.2016 22:04
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