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[wm21 - android] weird problem after upgrade to wm21

Startbeitrag von ccc2 am 06.12.2016 12:42

I have small android app which i wrote in wm18 then upgrade to wm20 and now to wm21. I have clear all error and warning

after upgrade strange problem happen .
1. unable to deploy after compile . time out when deploy . no problem when using adb manual deploy
2. unable reopen global procedure after open multiple and close.
for example.
I open proc_1 then open proc_2 then proc_3 then close proc_3 . when I try to open proc_1 . it not allow me, "edit the code" sub menu become disable. the only solution is close wm21 and rerun
3. the window editor keep prompt me to save after open and close , even though no modification

I have android program which I wrote in wm20 and after upgraded to wm21 and been continue the development . I don't encounter such problem .

anyone encounter similar problem after upgrade ?



You don't state if you've upgraded the Android SDK? I didn't experience all the issues you identified, although after moving to WM21, I did experience problems deploying apps to my (test) phone(s). Fixed it by updating the Android SDK.


von DarrenF - am 06.12.2016 14:31
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