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[WD21] How to import Dialogs from another app?

Startbeitrag von Ola am 07.12.2016 12:17

Hi all,

I moved all the elements of my old app to a new one in order to get rid of some old "ghosts".


The ghosts disappeared, but now I have a new problem: most of the Dialogs in the new app were empty. Not all, but most!?!?!?

I wonder where they are stored, and how they can be copied to another app?

So far it seems that the only way to do this is very laborious: I have to copy each dialog text (in all languages) and all button texts (in all languages), one by one via the clipboard.

Any hints?

Best regards


I don't think there a solution . been like that for many version . even when import to another project , that part gone. :eek:

von ccc2 - am 07.12.2016 12:36

AFAIK, the dialogs are stored at the same place than the "project level" multilingual strings, in the project file itself.
Therefore, creating a new project means loosing them....

One thing you could try:
- open the old project
- make sure that no window or report or anything else is open
- do a saveAS in the file menu. This will do a saveAS of the PROJECT in another directory...

If my understanding is correct, this CREATE and WRITE ANEW the project file content, thus giving you all the strings in question, without the problems... And you can then use that project file for your new project.

Let us know if it solves your problem

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 07.12.2016 12:59
Hi ccc2 and Fabrice,

Thanks for confirming my thoughts about this problem.

Thanks for the hint, but it's not usable now, as I have already done a lot of changes to the new project. I'll try it the next time I need to copy or "deep-clean" a project.
But I I am not at all sure, that "saving as" would clear the ghosts that I have in the old app...

For now I solved this problem simply and very laboriously just by opening both the old and the new apps, and then copying each piece of Dialog texts one by one. Lost another day. Not exactly ten times faster...

Best regards

von Ola - am 07.12.2016 16:39
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