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Reading MT940 banksheet files (Dutch)

Startbeitrag von Aad Gouka am 07.12.2016 18:07

Hi all,

I need to make a MT940 read in procedure for Dutch telebanking. Anyone did this before and willing to share. A small budget for buying workable code is available :cheers:

Best regards,

Aad Gouka


Maybe you can find something on this site.


von HarryW - am 07.12.2016 21:36
Hi Aad

i have just started this. I assume an MT940 is the same worldwide.

Will let you know how I am getting along.


von Noel Tanti - am 08.12.2016 08:45

I implemented this MT940 interface (EDI-like flat file structure) in a non-WX environment a couple of years ago...

Although it seems to be a worldwide standard beware that there are variants depending on the banks emitting the file in an international context.
The main parts will be same, but certain banks fill in fields with a different interpretation of the desired values or cannot provide certain data while others may add lines/records with specific data for their bank or local requirements.

If you stick to basic data and stay within a single country or pay zone (like SEPA) it is pretty straight forward, but there are differences. In Belgium for example there exists the notion of a structured payment message since the 1970's (with check digit validation) which allows easy reconciliation. However, such a message is not foreseen in the MT940 standard I used to work with so it is added in some way to it by the Belgian banks... The same goes for many other regions or countries or variant business processes (like factoring and their related payments and costs that may need to be communicated).

So depending on your needs and the scope of your implementation (local, regional, international, worldwide) you may have to make your MT940 module somewhat configurable or not.


Peter Holemans

von Peter Holemans - am 08.12.2016 09:24
Thanks voor the replies.

@ HarryW - I know that site and software but I'm looking for Windev code
@ Noel - Like Peter says, it seems there is no real standard. All look-alikes but banks use their own formats
@Peter - Thanks for your explanation

Best regards,


von Aad Gouka - am 08.12.2016 14:41
Hi Aad,

The formats are different. I have to make the imports for that as well. Have taken a look at it though. I made one for de Rabobank ( csv ) because that is availeble on none business accounts as well ( so one can import bank statements even if one has no business account)

It is xml so I would go and import the xml scema with the wndev xml tool to get that and then work from that.


von Allard - am 09.12.2016 13:25
Hi Allard,

Every business account has the option to deliver a MT940 file. This is one of the main files that is guaranteed for the future. So focus on that. It's a plain text file with a identifier per rule.

The formats per bank are different indeed, but the differences are not that big. My advice is to read about future formats and if they are supported or not. You can reach me on my emailadress if you want more info about Rabo and ABN Amro.

Best regards,


von Aad Gouka - am 09.12.2016 19:28
Hi Aad
link to the format

As I see it is xml?



von Allard - am 09.12.2016 23:54

Look for i.e. Rabo MT940. File extension .swi (swift)


von Aad Gouka - am 10.12.2016 08:53
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