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Rating of PCSOFT Support Over Windev French version with English Version

Startbeitrag von Amal Murali am 10.12.2016 14:23

Hello Fellowmates;:rp:

I recently learned from many colleagues and friends working on Windev projects whatever its is( Windev or Webdev or Windev Mobile), they do complain about PC SOFT direct support over the developers queries. All have the same answer that they do support well for French version and do less in support over English versions.

Is that so? Does PC SOFT supports better on :French versions than English?

Expecting your friendly Comments::cheers:




considering that most developer have used support only for EITHER French OR US versions, I doubt that your poll results will have any significant level of validity.

From my experience, using BOTH versions, I can say that I saw no difference in the level of support. By that I mean that for both version, when I send a message to the support using their specialized tool, I get an automated answer immediately, and a human answer in the next 2 working days or so. The answer either has a solution, or acknowledges a reproducible bug sent to the development team.

Because I'm buying the LSTs (that's one of the perks coming with it), I also receive an email when one of the bug I signaled is corrected. Even though the LST is in french only, this is true no mater what version of the products the bug was linked too (US or FR).

So 20+ years with the products, 15+ years with both US and FR, and I see no difference in the support.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 10.12.2016 15:20
Hi Fabrice,

I do share your view. Myself, each month I'm doing support on a few problems, sometimes well documented by small and descriptive projects. Generally, those projects have been presented to PC Soft's Tech Support before. Though these projects are small, but by no means simple projects and very often take hours to understand their inner mechanics. In all cases, Tech Support did not offer a solution, presumably because it's simply too much time to spend. If someone wants a solution for a non-trivial problem taking hours of time to solve then there is always "Assistence Directe", a paid support service, which helps in most cases to find a solution. With Wx-products you never walk alone - though it may cost you some Euros every now and then.

von GuenterP - am 10.12.2016 17:00
Depends on what you mean by support. If you are talking about technical support, then I can not say much as I use only the English version.

However, there is another type of support which includes things like the LST being available in English; all of the example programs provided with the French version also available in English; Release of English versions at the same time as the French versions (although I understand that might not be a benefit); All Windev dialogs in English; and better support for grammatically correct English in sales documents, examples and documentation.

I understand that there are valid reasons why some of these items are not available.However, the reality is that English speaking users do not have access to the same level of supporting tools as the French speaking users.

von Donald Montaine - am 11.12.2016 04:02
Hi Guenter ,

I stoped reporting stuff that doesnot work. PC soft asks always for a one page / window app with the problem . Not a project. Problems often have their origin in the project configuration not a simple window / page.

And even if you tell about a problem and tell exactly what they should do to duplicate the problem then I have had very often answers that do not make any sence at all. Thus I think they havenot read or didnot understand the problem and the script to repeat the problem.

Problems that occusr for instance in the examples I should not have to send that to them

There are support representatives thatunderstand english but there are certainly representatives that do not !!

Then it is my experiance that if the questiobn is to difficult they will not look into it. They just tell you it is possible you can purchase support by means of direct support.

Since I have no budget for that I stoped contacting support.

Instead of support I have invested in helping out others if I can ( For Free ). These contacts will look into my problems as well. and that is Free As well.

The consept. 4 eyes see more then 2. And dicusting the problem often presents a solution.

But I can understand that PCsoft cannot help. It would take huge resources and that would main more expensive upgrades. So overall I see no problem. They could provide uswith lst though.


von Allard - am 11.12.2016 16:09
Hi All;:xcool:

The problem of support from PC SOFT is not just my own problem and most of the developers who have requested for a support from PC Soft would have faced the same situation. When ever we submit a Ticket to PC Soft for a possible solution it remains un answered in 90% cases.

We cant go French but its easier for PC SOFT to guide as and treat both English and French versions as same children of same parent Pc Soft.

Thank you All;

von Amal Murali - am 15.12.2016 13:59

If you document the problem with enough info, screenshots and if possible a test project. They will respond with correct answers and info, that is my experience.

When you only send them 2 lines of information, they will not be able to trace the problem.

In about 80% of my request I got correct info on how to fix it, or that it was a bug (fix followed some weeks later). But sending a request sometimes took me an hour or more.
And sometimes during the stripdown of the code to create a minimal project and create the reproduction steps, I saw my mistake, and did not needed to send a request afterall !

And there are some thinks that are way to complex to send to the free support.

My overall rating is GOOD !

Have a nice day

von Danny Lauwers - am 15.12.2016 18:09
Hello Amal,

I have a different experiance ! Alway all the time I get an answer within 2 days. When I describe the problem and send a little and clear example I almost always get a good answer.
Not all the times but mostly.
Just as we have with or customers: Most of the time it is difficult to get the real problem above.
Just my two cents.

von Frans - am 15.12.2016 20:01
I've only used the support once. I sent them a simple project that highlighted a looper bug. They responded within a few days that it was indeed a bug. I have never heard from them since, and they never responded to my follow up email. 2 thumbs down.

Fabrice is right though. Most people have only used one or the other so this poll is kind of worthless. I assume all of the 'Yes more on French' votes are people like me who feel English support is nonexistent.

von Curtis - am 15.12.2016 22:26
I totally agree with you Danny! Same experience here.



von Joris - am 16.12.2016 08:40
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