[WB21] error: unable to save the modified code - SOLVED

Startbeitrag von Piet van Zanten am 11.12.2016 17:34


Recently I started a project from SCM and all went well for two weeks untill now.
I'm getting this error as mentioned above when I test a page in the editor with the GO button..
I tested another project (not SCM) and no errors there.
I tried maintenance in the SCM manager and when that didn't find any errors I imported the project again from SCM.
Then I could test run pages again.
There was one page the project could not find because its logical name was PAGE_Opening and Webdev had the stored name registered as PAGE-Opening. This had happened before, but when I corrected it by renaming it in the language tab of the description there were no problems.
When I did a locate command from the project explorer the page was no longer flagged with a red cross and I could open it.
But again I cannot run or modify any page without getting an "unable to save the modified code" or "Error saving xxxxx.wwh page. Error writing file. Select "Save As..." or use an automatic backup file (*.bk? or *.tk?)." error.

Any suggestions?

Best regards,


There was one page that would not check out from the editor.
I checked it out manually in the SCM Manager and then it was ok.

von Piet van Zanten - am 12.12.2016 09:18
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