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[WD21] - Window Edit and PgDn / PgUp Keys

Startbeitrag von JP am 13.12.2016 09:05

Hi All

If I am editing a window and press PgUp/PgDn a number appears in the top right corner of the window editing area. What does this number signifyand how does one use it?



the number is the plane number.

check planes in the help.


von Paulo Oliveira - am 13.12.2016 09:15
Thanks Paulo,

Have you got a simple example of how one could use this in practical application? Just an idea to get the thought process working :)

von JP - am 13.12.2016 09:23
You can check the CRM example provided with windev to see how it can be used.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 13.12.2016 09:56
OK, cool.

von JP - am 13.12.2016 09:59
Hi JP,

A case where you would always make use of this is in a wizard window.
With the previous/next buttons you would switch planes (And the buttons visible on all planes so they are assigned to plane 0).

Peter Holemans

von Peter Holemans - am 13.12.2016 10:03
Hi JP,

I use Planes extensively in my application. In the client screen for instance the screen has a sidebar list box of different areas you can view within the client record and I change the plane based on the selection in the list box. This allows me to toggle between sub screens without jumping in and out of multiple windows. It works really great. Additionally, some of these "sub screens" have internal windows in them so that I can share certain functions such as email / communications between different screens in the application.


von steve erts - am 13.12.2016 15:16
Steve and Peter,

Thanks - I get the idea. Its something I have programmed manually in the past with control.visible=false/true. This is obviously a much nicer solution. Thanks for the feedback :)

von JP - am 13.12.2016 16:18
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