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Strange error with SMSsim constant

Startbeitrag von Sam Asid am 14.12.2016 09:34

Hello All,

I need to access data on a phone sim. I am using code direct from WX help as below;\
// Number of SMSs stored on the SIM card
STC_NbSMS = "You have " + SMSNbMessage(smsSIM) + " messages."

// Read the first SMS stored on the SIM card
ResRead is boolean = SMSFirst(smsSIM)

WHILE ResRead = True
// Display the characteristics of this SMS in a table :
// the SMS variable is automatically updated
TableAddLine(TABLE_SMSTable, SMS.Subscript, SMS.Message, SMS.Number, SMS.ReceiveDate)
// Read the other SMSs
ResRead = SMSNext(smsSIM)
The challenge I have is when I use ResRead = SMSNext(smsSIM) WM complains smsSIM is not a valid command. [though ResRead = SMSNext(smsMemory) works fine]. I am just wondering if anybody has encountered this problem before and how you solved it.




Hi Sam

I have not encountered this problem, but my way of solving it is to read the help of SMSNExt: it says that in android, the constant smsSIM is not allowed and it triggers a fatal error...


Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 14.12.2016 09:57
Hi Fabrice,

Thank you for the feedback. Though this gives me the explanation, it would still not help solve problem because I need to access the information on the SIM and not the one in memory.

Could this be something PC Soft would want to look at and correct?

Best regards,


von Sam Asid - am 14.12.2016 13:48
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