Multi Column Report

Startbeitrag von Robin Lane am 18.12.2016 09:07


I am struggling a bit with reports having not used them much.

I have a table report with 3 columns and what I would like is for it to be filled horizontally rather than vertically.

At the moment it fills column one and then column two etc. I really want the first item to go at the top of column one, the second item to go at the top of column two, the third item at the top of column three, items 4, 5 & 6 to go in the second 'row' and so on.

Am I missing something really basic here?



After a few weeks away from this I am back to finish it off.

What I was wanting to do didn't appear to be possible, so after a bit of playing about I've come up with a solution, & post it here so that it might help others.

I wrote a procedure that formatted & organised the data in the order I wanted it & put this into a new 'hidden' table on my window. Then by using the standard report editor I created a report on this new table & hey presto I have exactly what I wanted.

I had started to look at the iPrint commands with a view to doing it all manually, but after having written the procedures to organise my data I realised that it would be easier to put it all into a table & have Windev to the hard work.


von Robin Lane - am 03.02.2017 16:50
Have you seen Ken Knights tutorial on columnar reporting?

von abonds - am 05.02.2017 03:13
Thanks for the link, I hadn't seen that tutorial before.

von Robin Lane - am 05.02.2017 07:28
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