[WD21] FileToMemory & FileToArray with dates

Startbeitrag von Mr Black am 20.12.2016 17:22

In data file, I have blank dates stored as "00000000". When running a query against the file the query returns blank dates as "00000000" as expected.

If FileToMemory or FileToArray is used to transfer into either a structured variable or structured array, the blank dates are transformed from "00000000" to today's date. Same applies if dates are stored as blanks ie. ""

I'm not really looking forward to coding all the mappings manually. Anyone else seen this?



Re: [WD21] FileToMemory & FileToArray with dates

Ok dumb is as dumb doo.. Had a spelling mistake in structure so structure date variable was defaulting to DateTimeByDefault, which by default is current date. All working now..



von Mr Black - am 20.12.2016 17:53
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