Can use sqlConnect/HOpenConn... in HFSQL stored procedure?

Startbeitrag von Kingdr am 21.12.2016 13:54

Hi All

I wanna apply such code in SP, if possible, to connect other remote DB like mySql/sqlServer
as I am new to this.

Thx in advance for any advice regarding SP creation in HFSQL.




I meant when triggering any records created/deleted/modified/read then do some
update on other DB in another DBServer.



von kingdr - am 21.12.2016 13:58
HI King

I don't think that's a god idea. What if that other DB is unreachable for some reason? Then you don't have a chance to redo this action. Also your add/modify/delete actions on the main DB will become slow(er).
A better approach is to log your action in some kind of journal file, where you keep track of the recordID and tablename and the action. And run a separate process to update the second DB from that journal.

von Arie - am 21.12.2016 14:27
Hi Arie

Thx for your advice, I am running good and hot mission critical with iosApp with GPS realtime live and with same HFSQL on 2 different servers as well as a fall-back DB server but I do have some other databases (not designed by me with mySql/sqlServer) running on remote servers and I need to pull out some info for the update.

Thank you.



von kingdr - am 21.12.2016 16:07
As far as i know you can't connect to another db in one stored procedure.

The only solution i can imagine is to make one webservice to access the other dbs and in the stored procedure use SOAPRun to get the data from the webservice.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 21.12.2016 17:00
Thanks Paulo and ie good enough to save my time testing on live server and yes I will do that also indeed.


King :cheers:

von kingdr - am 21.12.2016 17:36
in MSSQL you can use "linked server"

von ccc2 - am 22.12.2016 04:59
Yes, you're right thx ccc2 :)

von kingdr - am 22.12.2016 05:23
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