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[WB 21] extra zones made by WB

Startbeitrag von Piet van Zanten am 23.12.2016 17:16


Sometimes out of nothing extra zones are added by Webdev and I cannot get rid of them.
E.g. I have two zones, zone_top and zone_bottom.
Every now and then I see a new zone Zone_Noname1 appearing between them, it has a height of 2 px.
I can see it when hovering and in the project explorer.
I can select it using the project explorer, but deleting it is impossible.
Is it perhaps a placeholder for popups?

Best regards,


Hey Piet,

I have seen that before. I could delete them in the zone page.
Happy New year

von Jan de Bruin - am 25.12.2016 07:16
Hi ,

I have seen that behaviour and it is a nasty bug in my opinion. Go into zone tab right clik on zone . ...select remove . This will remove it.

I have stoped using zones. And This works great You donnot need Zones !! . You can do without them and save yourself some valueable time. Fixing stuff.



von Allard - am 27.12.2016 00:43

It's impossible to delete the zone, because as soon as I right click, the zone loses focus (yes, I'm in the zoning tab)
Anyway, I stopped using zones, because they are hardly documented and -I agree with Allard- buggy.

Best regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 27.12.2016 16:09
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