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[WM 20]Getting content of a qr Code

Startbeitrag von Patrick Schwarz am 28.12.2016 19:32


im facing problems geting the content of a QR Code.
I like the user to scan a qr-Code during a Procedure.
Therefore the code is nearly the code from the online help:

sTest is string
bc is barcode
sTest = bc..content

While Running the application I get the error: " '=' operation not allowed between bar code element and string element."

But I nearly using the same code in a Window to fill an Static Control and there it works fine.
So some ideas how I can solve this?

Best regards


Hi Patrick,

you need to check on the ..TYPEContent of the barcode read before trying to put anything in a string.

-OR- you can set your string with ..RoughValue (it's ALWAYS a string)

All the details are in the help of the bccapture fonction and of the barcode variable type

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 28.12.2016 20:03

Try this out to see if it works or not

sTest is string
bc is barcode
bc....TypeContent = bcTypeText
sTest = bc..content

ps provided yr QR is clear label.



von kingdr - am 28.12.2016 20:19
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