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[WD21] App crash

Startbeitrag von Stefan Bentvelsen am 29.12.2016 18:46


I have a customer who is using software on a server via remote desktop over the internet.
There are several customers on the same server, but there is one with regular problems. After about 1,5 or 2 hour idle (the software runs, but in this time there is no keyboard/mouse input) the following error comes up:

Gebeurtenisnaam van probleem: APPCRASH
Naam van de toepassing: ABC4U.exe
Versie van toepassing:
Tijdstempel van toepassing: 573c289a
Naam van foutmodule: wd210hf.dll
Versie van foutmodule:
Tijdstempel van foutmodule: 574355cc
Uitzonderingscode: c0000006
Uitzonderingsmarge: 00201522
Versie van besturingssysteem: 6.3.9600.
Landinstelling-id: 1043
Aanvullende informatie 1: f1b7
Aanvullende informatie 2: f1b7e3d88a2433e5f6f7164faf6cb3da
Aanvullende informatie 3: eba1
Aanvullende informatie 4: eba10bb02c34ea989b656467c7026de6

The server runs Windows Server, on the moment I don't know which version.

Anyone an idea what is happening and how to stop this crashing?



I guess your Windows server is 64-bit and if so and possible, use 64-bit hf instead and
the DLL should be wd210hf64.DLL.

I crashed many time wx 32-bit apps but not 64-bit.

Mostly are memory crashed indeed.



von Kingdr - am 29.12.2016 20:50
Hi King,

you mean that the HFSQL server should be 64-bits, which it is, but also the application should be 64-bits?
I think that is not tried yet. Thanks for your response.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 30.12.2016 10:19
Both pls if existed as memory leak in 32-bit on 64-bit is obvious esp in Windows services and whenver there's upgrade patches and abnormal things happened unexpectfully.

ps 100% advised to use 64-bit hfSql on 64-bit server, no matter what.

FYI. Also, I do have more times crashed by using 32-bit wdSql.exe (came with wx)
and crashed often on Win64 env. but ok with wdsql64.exe.



von kingdr - am 30.12.2016 13:19
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