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[WD21] Getting strange message

Startbeitrag von Donald Montaine am 01.01.2017 14:10

Using a mix of local and client server files. When the program is terminating I get this message about re-enabling data but the file referenced is null and when I click on technical details it says the error code is 0 = no error.

Screen shot attached.

What could be causing this seemingly invalid error? Has anyone seen this before and if so, what should I be looking for to fix it??? I appreciate any suggestions.

[attachment 2259 ErrorCode.PNG]


Figured it out - at the end of the program, occasionally the main program was closing the file before a thread updating the file was closed. Added code in the procedure that I use to end the program to make sure that all the threads are stopped before closing the files.

I set a flag and allow the threads to end themselves when the flag is true rather than just killing them. So, after setting the flag, I have a wait loop that loops until the threads are not running.

von Donald Montaine - am 01.01.2017 16:45
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