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[WM21] HTTPTimeout with bad URL ?

Startbeitrag von Danny Lauwers am 01.01.2017 19:33


Before I call HTTPRequest, I set the HTTPTimeOut to a certain value from a variable, usually 1000 or 2000 depending on the type of operation.


The connection is over VPN, when the connection is down Wifi is still available, Internet is still available but the remote server is not.

I get the error: "This address cannot be used to locate server"

What ofcourse is a correct error, but it only takes +/- 200sec before it appears ! Nevertheless I have set the HTTPTimeOut to 1000 !!

Does anybody know why ?

Pure Android I have read that you have a connection timeout and a command timeout ? Maybe the command timeout can be set with HTTPTimeout command and the Connection timeout is still default 200 sec ?

Hope anybody knows how to change that ! Or what would be the problem ??

There is no real ping available to first check if the server connection exists before I do the HTTPRequest !

I also have the effect that sometimes the HTTPRequest does not return at all, and keeps waiting, and therefore hangs my processing thread. Have not yet figured out how to work around that problem !

Any tips are welcome !



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