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V21 - Editor Graphics - can they be removed ?

Startbeitrag von Al am 02.01.2017 06:38

Hello All

I know that I am just old fashioned - maybe just old :) - but the V21 editor interface really annoys me with all the crap it does in terms of shadow effects around the windows and tickboxes that only appear when you hover over them etc.
I can read !
I know which tick box I want to click on so why hide them till I get there with the mouse pointer ?

I also resent - along with the damn ribbon which steals my screen real estate - the amount of processing power that these effects steal from from me and yes I know it is probably minscule.
I just hope that PCSoft continue to make the old style non ribbon environment available

For me this is a work environment. I don't need pretty just functional.

So does anyone know if any of it can be turned off ?



Hello Al,

turned off, not that I know off, but replaced each time with the old UI, yes... Via the two icons at the top left, or CTRL+SHIFT+R

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 02.01.2017 09:45
Hello Fabrice

Thanks - I knew the icon process to restore the non ribbon interface but not the shortcut
Its just the new fangled pretty graphics and the fact that they change them with each release that bugs me - I am a creature of habit.


von Al - am 02.01.2017 10:25
I couldn't agree more with Al, could I?:-)

I wish PCSoft would add a tiny little switch to the environment settings labelled self-explanatorily something like "Turn the childish graphics shit off and release more real estate for development purposes".

Best regards

von Ola - am 02.01.2017 10:42
Hello Ola

Great to see you start off the new year with a blast :cheers:


von Al - am 02.01.2017 10:51
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