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[WM21] Struggling with RTF on android

Startbeitrag von Rik am 03.01.2017 12:03

Hello all,

At this moment I am struggling with the RTF edit control on android.
I am reading a data file for its RTF text like:


In the simulator of Windev this appears to be working correctly.
Nevertheless, if I deploy this on my mobile device the RTF descriptions are shown on the screen. (i.e. {\rtf1\ansicpg1252\deff0\etc....)

Because the function RTFtoText() appears not to be working on Android, I have no clue on how to continue. Changing the database however, is no option.
Is this a known bug? Or is there some kind of solution?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Rik

I wouldn't say that it's a bug...

According to the help (http://doc.pcsoft.fr/en-US/?1013190&name=manipuler_champ_saisie_format_rtf&productversion=01F180046H&product=ER&verdisp=160), this is juts not supported in android (see icons at the top).

Of course, if you are accessing your DB through a webservice or a replication system like wxreplication, you can transform (rtftotext, by example) your content on the server side before it's sent to the mobile.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 03.01.2017 12:29
Hello Fabrice,

Thank you for your fast response!

I am using HFSQL client server, but it also appears to be lacking the ability to perform RTFtoText(). Is there some other kind of solution or do you have any ideas how to solve this problem? I can not switch to something else like a webservice.

Only thing I can think of is adding a data file which contains the information stored in normal text format. Which is not really beautifull.

Thanks in advance,

von Rik - am 03.01.2017 13:57
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