[WD21] Report mess!!! How is this possible????

Startbeitrag von Ola am 05.01.2017 11:49

WD seems to have fun by editing my reports automatically. But it doesn't make me laugh at all. Maybe I'm just humorless?

For instance: I suddenly noticed that there was an euro mark added to several fields in some of my reports. Now I can swear that I have never intentionally selected a money value format with any currency marks added to any field! I think these are separate pieces of data and should be kept apart. Obviously the highly skilled programmers in Montpellier think otherwise.

I've lately been fixing these, including this:.

Today, while running my monthly system maintenance process, I found a new problem with a sales report with values like Vatless, Vat, total, etc... The report has worked correctly for years. Now, suddenly, I notice that on each row, all the values on the report are the same as the first value on that row, Vatless in this case! The links have somehow changed automatically to the same item, maybe while I was re-formatting the money fields so that they don't have the currency mark! Last month it was working OK with the correct values, but not this month.

This seems so hopeless! Nothing is ever ready! If I humbly think something is done and ready, WD proudly thinks otherwise and forces me to come back later and fix old, so far perfectly good elements!

Report editor generally seems to be very unstable; you do something with the mouse in a report, for instance change the width of a column, and suddenly you may have a screenfull of garbage: everything is messed-up! And it has been this way for as long as I remember. PCSoft just doesn't care.

When I was changing from Clarion CPD 2.1 to Windev 5.5 some 17 years ago, somebody was SHOUTING WITH CAPITAL LETTERS (with a French accent:-)) on a Clarion forum, that Windev is "shit". I asked the shouter to specify in more detail, why is it shit, but he didn't -- maybe there was a language barrier. I am now, little by little, beginning to think on the same lines as that shouter. I suspect there's a snakes' nest under the bonnet of WX...

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