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[WD21] - Is not as stable as V20

Startbeitrag von Al am 10.01.2017 00:58


I really only moved to V21 seriously over the Christmas break and it is not as stable as V20. I am running 32bit.

It crashes at least once a day - randomly. It has just crashed doing an analysis save.
I am now saving and closing the whole thing and backing up several times a day just to feel safe because one of the crashes left the project unusable - it would open and then crash.

If I open a wdw file, that is referenced in another window it asks me to save changes, even though I have made none and then it compiles that window and presumably the referenced windows and then shows compiler errors that then disappear if I double click them.

The table editor has a bug and crashes if you change a column name, do not save and then use the search option. - this one I have reported

I can't wait until V22 arrives and I can ditch V21, it gives me a bad vibe.




After the last crash - the one that prompted this thread - my project would open and then crash.
I wasn't too concerned as I had backups but I thought I would try to "fix" it.
Hoping that the wdp file might be ok, I deleted every other project related file for todays date and similar time stamp and of course the cpl folder.
I then restarted the project by double clicking on the WDP file instead of starting Windev first - amazingly it opened and is working fine .

The files deleted were - .env, .waudit, .emf, .xdd and all the files prefixed with RAD because this crash occurred on an analysis save.


von Al - am 10.01.2017 01:41

V21 - keeps getting better NOT !!!

Now I have an error when collected a large amount of data to load into a table - it works fine with a smaller data set and works perfectly with the large data set in V20 !

The error occurs in WDTest and in the complied executable so I am completely screwed in terms of releasing in V21

The error is :
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library
This application has reuqested the Runtim to terminate it in an unusal way
Please contact the application' support team for more information

If I can't find a workaround for this I will have to go back to V20 and redo the last few weeks work.

I am going to try uninstalling Windev and the Microsoft C++ libraries


von Al - am 10.01.2017 03:40
Hello All

Uninstalling Windev and the Microsoft C++ libraries did not fix the runtime error. I even deleted the entire PCSoft registry entry to ensure a clean install.

The window in question has 6 tabs and each table has a memory table on it.
In this case one of the tables has about 120,00 records and another has about 1000. They all combine into a third table so the user can see all the records. I appreciate this is a lot of records but there hasn't been an issue until now.

It turns out that the problem is in the display event. It appears that the RowTotal function runs the display row event code for every row (all 120,00+) and in V21 this must have overloaded something that worked fine in V20 so when I collect totals from the tables, it causes the crash.
Using ..DisplayEnabled to turn off the tables didn't work so I had to use ..DisplayEnabled as a test for the display row code to ensure it didn't run with the RowTotal function and that has fixed the problem.

I am going to push on with V21 but I am very concerned about rolling it out to clients.
It is complicated by the fact that my mobile and webdev applications are in V21 so I have to run the Windev V21 application in the sites that use those elements and pray. I will keep the bulk of my clients on V20 but that means that I have to keep developing in both V20 and V21simultaneously until a more stable version is available.

Not happy Jan


von Al - am 10.01.2017 05:16
Hi Al,

Wow - sounds like you're really going through it!?

How large is your project?

Sounds like something has gone wrong when you 'upgraded' (or should that be 'downgraded'?! ;) ) your project to V21? I didn't experience any of the issues you mention.

Do you still have the same issues if you work with a smaller project?

My experience (on the whole) has been a positive one with V21.

von DarrenF - am 10.01.2017 10:15
Hi Al

Sounds very familiar. I have had problems after problems with WD21, too. Haven't even had the time to play around with WM21, to which I also "upgraded", because of the endless problem flow in WD21. I've been fighting with it since early last summer, and still am...

I don't have the big table problem, though, because -- I suppose -- I don't have big tables...

However, the "crash after opening" -problem seems to have been fixed in my system by excluding the app directory and the Windev directory from the anti virus program, see:


WD21 is total crap, and I am going to require the next upgrade free of charge, as warranty.

Best regards

von Ola - am 10.01.2017 11:47
Hello Al,

Sorry to hear about your bad day...

I haven't seen any more crashes in Windev 21 than in windev 20, so I'm wondering if your settings are the same in both cases:

- are you using the 32 bits version of 20 AND 21?
- are both directories excluded from your anti-virus scan?
- are you testing (GO) in 32 bits or 64 bits on both sides?
- ...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 10.01.2017 11:52
Hello Darren,

The project is big but I don't think it is that large in PCSofts terms.
The configuration screen shows 1260 windows, 864 reports, 635 data files and nearly a million lines of code but over 200,000 of those are comments or commented out old code.


von Al - am 10.01.2017 12:50
Hello Fabrice

Thanks for the thoughts
Everything is on the same computer and nothing has changed other than switching to V21
I only use 32 bit for all versions and the Windev, project and test data folders are all excluded in the virus protection.

On the plus side I have learned that setting the Table..DisplayEnabled is quite a handy feature and because I am now using it, the table build process is a little bit quicker

The way that it constantly wants to "save changes" when there have been none is a concern because I wonder if it is actually changing things and what happens if I accidentally save a window it thinks has changed.


von Al - am 10.01.2017 13:07
Hi Al,

Can you explain how Table..DisplayEnabled benefits the loading of the table?


von Adri - am 10.01.2017 14:09
Hello Adri

It benefits by stopping the display of the table as it fills each row- in my case a memory table with using TableAddline() - so that means many less screen updates so it goes just a little quicker. I have a gauge in the window message bar so the user know that something is going on

At the start of the table load I have Table..DisplayEnabled = false then fill the table and Table..DisplayEnabled = true displays the filled table on the screen.
In my case, I also use it in the table row display event to stop that happening.


von Al - am 10.01.2017 14:49
Thanks Al,

I will look into that.


von Adri - am 10.01.2017 15:37
Hi all,

I wrote earlier:
"However, the "crash after opening" -problem seems to have been fixed in my system by excluding the app directory and the Windev directory from the anti virus program, see:
WD21 is total crap, and I am going to require the next upgrade free of charge, as warranty."

Actually, the "crash after opening" -problem was not fixed. It returned to day. Not funny.
Deleting the .env file fixed it this time.

The only thing working reliably in Windev seems to be its random error generator.

Best regards

von Ola - am 13.01.2017 10:15
Hi Ola and Al,

the following fixed our v21 problems.
1. Turned OFF telemetry

2. General WINDEV Options->Backup
Force the Flush ->On
Compile in background -> OFF

3. Changed our USB hub and USB extension cables (for the dongle)

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 13.01.2017 10:38
Hello Steven

Thanks for the ideas. I did have temetry on and it's interesting to consider it as a factor because it was only introduced in V21. The other two settings re the flush and compile I already had set as you indicated. On my development computer, the dongle is directly plugged in, I have a separate dongle (my insurance policy) on a fly lead that I use if I am away from the office so I should be ok there.


von Al - am 13.01.2017 12:14
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