[WM21] SOLVED Gradle failure to build

Startbeitrag von Al am 11.01.2017 23:37


I would like some help with Gradle please
This is the first time I have tried to build an apk file for this project as previously it was V20

The error message from Gradle is :

Failure creating the Android application named .

Command Line: "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_20\bin\java.exe" "-Dorg.gradle.appname=C:\JCA_V21_Remote\AndroidRemote\Android\Generation" -classpath "C:\Gradle\gradle-2.9\lib\gradle-launcher-2.9.jar" org.gradle.launcher.GradleMain assembleRelease -b build.gradle

Error returned:

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
A problem occurred configuring root project 'Generation'.
> Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':_debugCompile'.
> Could not find any matches for com.android.support:support-v4:22.2.+ as no versions of com.android.support:support-v4 are available.
Searched in the following locations:
Required by:
> Could not find any matches for com.android.support:appcompat-v7:22.2.+ as no versions of com.android.support:appcompat-v7 are available.
Searched in the following locations:
Required by:

* Try:
Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with --info or --debug option to get more log output.


I haven't a clue what that means but I have started a search in Google but in the meantime any help would be appreciated



Re: [WM21] Gradle failure to build

Hi Al,

Yes, I had similar issues when going from V20 to V21 and trying to generate the APK. It was a good few months ago now, but if I remember correctly, you must upgrade the Eclipse framework for V21 to work correctly. I'm pretty sure I did it via the WM install process - there's an option on the install wizard I think? I know I didn't do it via the Eclipse SDK dialog 'cos it kept failing!

von DarrenF - am 12.01.2017 00:39

Re: [WM21] Gradle failure to build

Hello Darren

Thanks, I will check that out.
At the moment I am running the Android SDK manager and updating pretty much everything.


von Al - am 12.01.2017 05:02

Re: [WM21] Gradle failure to build


Don't update to much because the latest versions of the SDK are not compatible with windev Mobile.

This version work for me:
- Android SDK Tools: 25.2.4
- Android SDK Platform-tools: 23
- Android SDK Build-tools: 25
- Gradle 2.4

Maybe other users can share there setup that works !


von Danny Lauwers - am 12.01.2017 08:01

Re: [WM21] Gradle failure to build


You could also use the build in SDK and Gradle that WinDev Mobile can automatically download for you, this should work out of the box.

[attachment 2271 gradle.png]


von Danny Lauwers - am 12.01.2017 08:04

Re: [WM21] Gradle failure to build

Hello Danny

Thanks for the replies
The PCSoft link takes me to an Android Studio download so I am trying that


von Al - am 12.01.2017 10:38

Re: [WM21] Gradle failure to build

Hi Al,

I'm pretty sure that's what I did also. It took a while but it worked in the end :spos:

von DarrenF - am 12.01.2017 10:48

Re: [WM21] Gradle failure to build

Hi Everybody

FYI, I got the same thing not too long ago, and I remember that I found easily in the help the versions supported by v21. I don't remember all of them, but I know that I'm using gradle 2.9

Best regards


von Fabrice Harari - am 12.01.2017 11:50

Re: [WM21] Gradle failure to build

Hello Again

Getting closer - maybe

I have downloaded Android Studio and am now down to one error
Failed to apply plugin [id 'com.android.application']
> Gradle version 2.2 is required. Current version is 2.14.1. If using the gradle wrapper, try editing the distributionUrl in C:\JCA_V21_Remote\AndroidRemote\Android\Generation\gradle\wrapper\gradle-wrapper.properties to gradle-2.2-all.zip

The suggestion in the error message doesn't seem to apply because I am not ysung a "Wrapper" and the objects it refers to are not in my folders.

I have downloaded the Gradle 2.2.1 files but I can't find a way to get Android Studio to update its Gradle Plugin

I am currently trying to find something on Google but the few entries there are seem to be based on the fact that I am actually developing in Andriod Studio so they make no sense to me.

So the question is : How to I update the Gradle version in Adnroid Studio ?


von Al - am 13.01.2017 01:18

Re: [WM21] SOLVED - Gradle failure to build


I reinstalled the Android Studio and it is all working.

So the steps for anyone else who gets stuck are as follows
Download Android Studio and install it. It is 1.7 gb
I allowed it to install in the default folders.

Download Gradle 2.2.1 - There is a "Choose version" option so select 2.2.1 and then select the Binary only version
Unzip it and copy the version folder into the Android Studio folder - C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\gradle\

Cross fingers and toes, light a candle etc

Set up your Mobile generation as
Gradle Path C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\gradle\gradle-2.2.1\
Path of the Android SDK C:\Users\AL\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\


von Al - am 13.01.2017 02:55
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