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Timer with Parameter

Startbeitrag von Stefan Friedriszik am 12.01.2017 07:26

Hello everybody.

Someone knows whether it is possible to start a timer procedure with parameter (WinDev 20) ?

Many thanks in advance




Use a global variable ??


von Danny Lauwers - am 12.01.2017 07:39
Hi Danny.

I will try to explain.

I ask from the program the GPS positions of different radios.
I must however after a timeout (if no GPS data come) react.

If I work with only 1 wireless device then it is with the global variable no problem.

I start however the query for several radio devices.
In this case, I do not know which timer for which query has started.

So I would gladly give the timer procedure an id at the start to be able to identify it at the expiration.

Or can I define a global variable at runtime in a procedure?

von Stefan Friedriszik - am 12.01.2017 07:52

When you call a delayed procedure you can use parameters. So instead of using a Timer, you better use the automatic procedure settings (the little green klok right to the procedure name.

When you start that function, it is delayed with XX time before called. If you get a response you can cancel the automaticprocedure with a WLanguage function so it is not called anymore.

There are more ways on implementing a timeout, it all depends on how you have programmed the request.


von Danny Lauwers - am 12.01.2017 08:13
Hi Danny,

thanks a lot ... it works fine.


von Stefan Friedriszik - am 12.01.2017 08:51
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