Webdev 20 Crash when loading the audit log file?

Startbeitrag von M. Beaven am 12.01.2017 20:59

Hello all and Happy New Year,

I am working in an older Webdev project in V20 and have not had any problems until recently. After doing a browser test, Webdev became unresponsive. Now when I try to reopen the project it is getting past the compilation, HTML and AWP page generation, but Webdev crashes about halfway through loading the audit log file.

I was wondering whether anyone has experience with this or knows how to remedy. I have of course restarted my machine as well as deleted the .cpl directory.

I'd appreciate any pointers should someone have any.

Best Regards,



Hi Marc,

Did you try to delete the .env file and the .audit file?
Did you try to restart your computer?
Did you make sure that no session was remaining/stick in wdadmin?

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 12.01.2017 22:49
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