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Reading barcode from an usb barcodescanner.

Startbeitrag von willy hermans am 17.01.2017 05:51

Reading a barcode is easy when you give focus to an edit control.

I want to read the content from anywhere in an application without giving focus to an edit control.

It means that a user can get the content of a barcode from the main window. Then the program can do someting. If it was a client card it can select the client. If it was an article it will select the article .
Now it works only when a place an edit control and give focus to it.

Willy Hermans


Hi Willy,

I don't think that an keyboard-scanner is the right device for that. You can't never be sure that a user moves to another control by regular keyboard or mouseclicks. Even when trying be smart (like SetFocus() to the barcode-edit-control every time after a user entered data in normal controls) you will never get 100% reliability.

Best advice is to switch to SERIAL barcode scanner (which can also be USB with a virtual com port) or even an ethernet device. Disadvantage of course is that these are more expensive and harder to program. But will solve you problem for sure.

von Arie - am 17.01.2017 07:55
Hi Willy,
try to use this code.

[Global declarations of the window]
gsLettura is string

[End of initialization of the window]
Event(#LP_Barcode,".*", 256)

[Local procedure #LP_Barcode]
// 13: CR
// 9: TAB

IF NOT _EVE.wParam IN (9,16,13) THEN gsLettura += Charact(_EVE.wParam)
sBarcode is string = gsLettura

sBarcode contains the barcode you are searching for!


von DannHCS - am 17.01.2017 10:42
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