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[WM20] - How to configure APK to support FCM

Startbeitrag von Yogi Yang am 17.01.2017 14:36


As Google is phasing out GCM for push notification. Is there any way by which we can build Android apps that supports the new FCM push notification in WM20?


Yogi Yang


Hello Ruben,

Thank you for the link but it is relevant for WM21 and I am looking for a solution in WM20. I will still try to follow it in WM20 let us see what happens.


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 18.01.2017 13:28

After translating and reading it I understood that the update for using FCM will come in the new version if WM and till then we have to use GCM only! :confused:

It does not really give any solution. Now using GCM means I cannot built a timeless application that will function properly and as expected over a long run. Imagine what would happen if Google suddenly stops GCM altogether and forces everyone to upgrade their apps to work with FCM? I will have to shell out money (to buy/upgrade to new version of WM) just to recompile my app to support FCM...

Instead of this PCSoft should have released a patch for this immediately.

Or another way out (which I am reluctant to) would be to use some paid third party Push Notification service like Pushy (pun it not intended) - https://pushy.me/


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 19.01.2017 04:49
Hello Yogi,

You are right. That is a problem.
But what do you do when a custumor of you wants more functions? Always deliver for free?

von Frans - am 20.01.2017 07:59

You can always write a Java function to support the newer Pushnotifications. But this would take you some time (money),

So it is possible, but as always with external changes...someone has to pay for it in time or money somehow.


von Danny Lauwers - am 20.01.2017 10:32
Frans & Danny,

You both are right it would cost (the client or us) in some way but that again will not be that high to justify paying for a new version of WM for one single feature?

How much can one expect to charge for adding this small feature?

Of course not 1K euros.... Here 1 euro is approximately 72 INR.

Actually it is very tough for you people sitting there in the comforts of your home/office to understand the eco system of my country. Here some of the trailing features have to be implemented/developed almost always for free!


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 21.01.2017 05:24
Hello Yogi

This is Google's position to the following question on their developer forum:

Is GCM going to be deprecated?
Their answer :
We will continue to support the current version of GCM Android and iOS SDKs because we know a lot of developers are using GCM SDKs today to handle notifications, and client app upgrade takes time.

But all new client-side features will be added to FCM SDKs only moving forward. You are strongly encouraged to upgrade to FCM SDKs.


My advice is to just show this to your clients and explain there is a finite life on GCM and that if they want new features they need to pay for them.
If not then what possible value to you are these clients ?


von Al - am 21.01.2017 06:08
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