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Search in a date field in a table W20 W21

Startbeitrag von Frans am 17.01.2017 19:37

Hello to you all,

I have a table with a (birth)date field. When I enter the search part and I type 010140
In WD20 I get 01-01-1940
In WD21 I get 01-01-2050

Its not a windows thing because testing in WD20 is different from WD21.

I looked in the properties of the colum but could not find a preference like in Windows.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


Hi Frans,

I haven't looked, so I'm not sure, but I would look for that setting in the general project properties for the dates and times

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 17.01.2017 19:52
Hello Fabrice,

Thanks for your answer.
There is no possibility to change that behaviour. I can follow the windows settings but then I am afraid that other customers suddenly have other problems like d-mm-yy etc.

von Frans - am 18.01.2017 12:15
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