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WD21 - tables get FIC extension in sqlserver

Startbeitrag von Arie am 20.01.2017 16:08


I have an application using HFSQL. All files (databasetables) are defined as HFCLASSIC in the analysis.
During runtime I switch to HFSQL when setting up the connection.

Now I did a test to see if my app would run on an mssql-server. So I created an empty database in sqlserver, switched the connection type and started my application.
All databasetables are created during the first run but every table now has a FIC extension, i.e.: dbo.Tbl_Customers.FIC

After that I'm getting errors because the application cannot find dbo.Tbl_Customers - that is WITHOUT the FIC extension

How to deal with this?


Re: WD21 - tables get FIC extension in sqlserver - SOLVED

I had a bright moment and remember I dealed with this before.
I changed to file-type to sqlite. Now the "Name of the file in the external databas" shows the filename as Tbl_Customers.fic
And at this point I can remove that extension.

von Arie - am 20.01.2017 19:39
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