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[WD21] Comparison to V20 project maybe killed V21 project

Startbeitrag von Al am 24.01.2017 13:07


I am just thinking out loud after yet another dead V21 project.
I think this one may be the result of running some comparisons with a V20 project and using the comparison program to make some changes in the V21 project.

At the moment I have clients running the same application in versions 16 to 21 with the majority on V20 so if I make a minor change in V20 I use the comparison program to find and update the changes into the V21 project. After doing this earlier tonight and then trying to re-open the V21 project it kept on crashing - the PCSoft dump process doesn't work - it just makes empty files. I am not game to try and prove this by repeating the process, I am just mentioning it as a yet another reason for those multiple backups I keep making. Ah paranoia, my good friend :)

I got going again from a backup but I don't think I will be using the comparison program in this manner again.



Hi Al,

never ever use two different versions in this way. Especially, because there have been quite some changes in the area of comparisons between v20 and v21. So, my advice is to bring a copy of the v20-project to v21, just for the tests and compare then. The problem is, of course, that you cannot move the changes from the v21project back to the v20project, but that's dangerous anyway because windows and various structures are different between v20 and v21. So, you need that reloading and recompiling while moving to v21! Moving parts of the v20-project to v21 or vice versa directly can end up in havoc.

von GuenterP - am 24.01.2017 16:55
Hi All,

I use the comparision program and copy code from V20 to V21 a lot and never had any problem.
Just my two cents.

von Frans - am 24.01.2017 17:03
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