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WB19 - Looper with combobox on each row

Startbeitrag von Arie am 26.01.2017 12:08


I have a webpage where one can enter working hours. This is done using a looper. Every row represent a timeframe say
08:00-12:00, customer Alibaba, project Ali-Sales
13:00-17:00, customer Alibaba, project Ali-CRM

I want the user to select a customer and then fill (or filter) the combobox with only the project of htis customer.
I can do that in browsercode and it looks like it's working.
However for some options on this page a submit to the server is required. After that the page is rebuild by the server and then the combobox on every row shows the same list of items.

I want all comboboxes to be independ of each other. is this possible in WB19?
An upgrade to WB21 is also an option, but I did not try that yet.


Hello Arie,

However for some options on this page a submit to the server is required. After that the page is rebuild by the server...

Having to submit data to the server does not NECESSARILY means a page refresh. That's what's ajaxexecute and ajaxexecuteasnchronous are for, from the browser code, and that's what the ajax mode in server code is for.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 26.01.2017 17:30
I know.
But I have for instance a button to add a new line to the looper so the user can enter an extra timeline.
I use LooperAddLine() for that, but WB tells me this is not supported or allowed because:

Error:The 'LOOP_Uren' control is not a browser table/looper: only the table/looper controls in browser mode can be used with this function.

I already use Ajax to get the customers projects, whenever a customer was selected. Works fine and the combo is filled on the browser side with the requested items. Without intefering combos on other rows.

von Arie - am 26.01.2017 19:34
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