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Special Offer - Applications For Sale

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 28.01.2017 21:31

After providing Oregon public school Nutrition Services applications since 1987, it is time for us to retire and pass the baton to new WX developers. These applications include the following:

• Meals Point Of Service - records all meal and ala carte transactions by student with federal and state reporting by paid, reduced, free and adult status. Multiple methods of student identification for speedy processing. Uploads balance information via a web service to our server for access by parents through the district web site. Accepts cash and online deposits.

• Inventory - provides product tracking and ordering for multiple warehouses. Products are tracked in three units of measure: order, issue and school. Cafeterias can order from the central warehouses or directly from a supplier. Consolidated Supplier orders are created from warehouse and school orders. Supplier orders can be uploaded if the supplier allows. Cafeteria on hand product counts can be entered manually by the cafeteria or using a WinDev Mobile application with barcode scanning.

• Free/Reduced Application Processing - maintains state and federal required information for processing applications from parents using district enrollment files. Imports and creates applications for state and migrant qualified students. Provides update files for Meals POS.

• District Summary - consolidates student records and Meal POS transactions. Provides district participation and financial reporting. Interfaces exist for multiple online payment services.

• Oregon Claim - simplifies the process for obtaining reimbursement from the state for meals served. Uploads consolidated claim to state web site.

All of these applications are sold to the school districts with an initial purchase price and then annual update fees. Support is provided on an hourly charge. Some school districts elect to purchase annual unlimited support contracts.

Inventory seems to be the application with the most potential for marketing and the least competition. The competition has been more expensive than ours.

These applications have evolved over the years but are primarily WinDev applications. The competition is providing "cloud" based applications so our applications could be enhanced with a WebDev component that stores data in a central site. There is also the opportunity to provide your own online payment service.

We will consider any reasonable offers. For more information, please contact Connie or Jeff Graham at 360-379-1798.


Our web site shows the basics of most of our applications:

von Jeff Graham - am 13.02.2017 15:13
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