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[WD21] - Do NOT use the seperate edit window for the query wizard

Startbeitrag von Al am 29.01.2017 21:58


The seperate window edit function for queries does not save changes.

I can't remember which version first started the ability to drag an edit window out of the IDE and make it a separate editing window so I don't know how far back this issue goes or if it applies to other separate edit windows so this is a general warning to take care with the separate window editing function but at the moment the only occurrence for me has been in the query window

When you double click on an existing query to edit it, or click on File > New > Select the SQL wizard window opens. You can make whatever changes you like to the query and then click the Validate button another window opens that describes the query and show a visual presentation of it. This window also appears in the bottom row of the IDE as an opened window.
If I then drag that window to another monitor to run it as a separate edit window when I close it by clicking the X - there is no other option - instead of giving me a Save dialogue box as it normally would, it just shuts the window and looses all my previous edits.

I am reporting it to tech support.



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