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Windev and Acronis Backup

Startbeitrag von Erik Schwarz am 30.01.2017 14:07


have a Little bit weired Problem:

On my System I use a General Folder, say 'main'
Inside this i have some subfolders 'a1, a2, a3' and some Windev Project Folders containing each one Project, in my case two are WD19, one is WD20 and another is WM20.
The only difference I can see is that the Folder Icons of the WX-Projects have their own Icon, as usual.

Now, when backing up the 'main' Folder, which includes all the others, then Acronis backs up None of the Wx Project Folders, just all others.

Anyone any idea what's going on?



Re: Windev and Acronis Backup [SOLVED]


the miracle has been solved.

When creating a new backup with Acronis, System files and Folders are in the exclude list by Default.

So obviously the 'Wx'-Folders are marked anyhow as System Folders and are not backed up.

Maybe you should be aware with other backup tools, too.



von Erik Schwarz - am 30.01.2017 15:55

Re: Windev and Acronis Backup [SOLVED]


This is similar to the case I have with LiveDrive. When I remove the Folder Icon from the 'My Projects' folder, the backup works correctly.


von Ned! - am 31.01.2017 13:32
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