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[WD21] Corrupted queries

Startbeitrag von Al am 31.01.2017 02:25


I can barely spell SQL so I use the wizard to write my queries and I am hitting problems

Firstly, there are limits and that's ok, but when the limit is reached, all work up to that point is lost.

The limit seems to be in the number of joins and anywhere after about 6 is dangerous.
What happens is quite brutal, when you hit the limit by attempting to add a field from a new file, a message displays "Links between query files not defined with sufficient accuracy by Query Editor"
This is the end of the road because after that ALL the files previously selected are removed and only that last file exists in the query.

Secondly, I am getting corrupted queries that give me the message "Unable to complete initialization" when I try to open them. This might be on a file from a previous day or one edited today so it looks like they are being corrupted during the save.
I did manage to create a corrupted query by attempting to remove a file. After removing the field, I had a message asking if I wanted to remove the file, I answered yes, but the file remained in the graphic display and after saving and closing the query, it was corrupted.

Another odd thing is that I don't think the internal Windev backup process is doing its job properly with queries. There should be a queryname.bkr as the last edit and a queryname.tkr as the prior edit to that one and while I do have the .bkr files I have only one .tkr file even though I have edited queries multiple times. - not that it matters that much as I do my own.

I am having the section of the wall where I bang my head replaced as it is looking a bit worn out.



Hi Al,

I had this kind of problem in a project that I started with the FIRST release of WD21.
Everything looked fine in the FIRST WD21 version but as soon as I upgraded to a later WD21 version my queries started getting "corrupted".
I sent the project to PCSoft and they answered that my queries where corrupted and it happened during the upgrade from the FIRST WD21 version to the NEWER WD21 version.

Same thing happened with queries and WB21.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 31.01.2017 09:55
Hello Steven

Thanks for the information.
Luckily ? that wasn't the case here because all these queries have been created in the last few days with the release 67f but you may have provided the answer to a separate issue where I brought in some items from a first release of V21 and the project became corrupted.


von Al - am 31.01.2017 16:18
I have the same problem but with queries in WB19.

Never used the query editor before. Now created one and all went fine until I added a 6th file.

Now the query keeps on getting 'corrupted'. I restore the backup from before I added the 6th file and redo that portion but soon it is corrupted again.

What to do?

Ericus Steyn

von Ericus - am 08.02.2017 08:47
Hello Ericus

It looks like 6 files is the magic number and has been for quite a number of versions.

Using the 64 bit version was an option that tech support suggested regarding the failure of the comparison process with large projects. I haven't tried it for the query problem but it would be interesting to see if the limitation is still there.


von Al - am 08.02.2017 09:36
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