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[WD21] Query Wizard - just so much fun - more oddities

Startbeitrag von Al am 31.01.2017 20:25


Just a heads up with the query wizard and aliases.
You can use the same file multiple times in the wizard using aliases but sometimes the join option doesn't work properly, depending on the sequence you have used when adding the aliases into the mix.

In my case I have a to do two separate joins to the same file from different fields in my base file.
So I add the field from the join file into the field list for the first time - no problem.
I add the same field from the join file into the field list for the second time and the wizard creates the alias - again no problem.

The problem occurs when you close the field table selection window and are back in the query window with a default cartesian join between the three files. You can establish a join between the first two files but when I try to create the second join, it only offers a join between the "join" file and its alias and ignores the original base file - but of course this only happens intermittently so how do you report it to tech support !

The solution is to add the joining fields separately and create the joins separately and then because you are paranoid about it corrupting, you close the wizard and save and then open again.

What with learning the idiosyncrasies of the wizard and opening and saving at every change because I am scared of loosing what I have done, the development speed using the wizard is definitely not 10+.

Using the query wizard for more than simple tasks is like walking down a dark alley on a dark night in a bad part of town - you know you are going to be attacked, it just a question of when not if.



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