WM20: open 'Here WeGo' instead of Google maps?

Startbeitrag von Peter Muckle am 31.01.2017 22:44

Hi all,

I need to use maps offline and Google maps is limited in the area allowed offline so am looking at alternatives like Here WeGo. I can't see how to set the default mapping app - I have cleared Maps default settings 'Here WeGo' is now opened from Contacts. However, using GeoRunApp still opens Google Maps. I'm not using the map control, I just want to open the app with a marker.

I've also looked at Shellexecute.

How can I achieve this please?




I have found that Shellexecute("geo:XXX,XXX) will open Here Wego, but GeoRunApp still opens Google Maps.

von Peter Muckle - am 31.01.2017 23:06

Not sure if AppOpenForm([]) works or not and pls see:




von kingDr - am 01.02.2017 03:15
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