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Startbeitrag von David Cabrera am 09.02.2017 18:39

Hi everyone

I'm trying to convert a PDF to Images using PDFExtractPage and dSaveImagePNG in WinDev 20, but sometimes the image is wrong, I think is because of the way the PDF was created, I think the wrong images belong to PDFs created with several PNG images.

Can anyone help me?

Here are the Images

Screenshot of the PDF Page

Image created by WinDev 20



I don't use the pdfextractpage function for that. I display each pdf page in an image field and then do a dsaveimagexxx

Works like a charm

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.02.2017 19:23
Thanks for the advice

How do I assign a PDF Page to an Image Control ?

von David Cabrera - am 09.02.2017 19:29
Just assign it David...

// Point to the invoice on disk
IMG_InvoiceImage = gsDocuments + gInvFilename

In my case; gsDocuments is the path & gInvFilename is the name of the PDF file on disk.

von DarrenF - am 09.02.2017 23:04
I think there is an issue in Windev with PDF's that have PNG's. The issue seems to involve the transparency aspect of the PNG. Rather than getting transparent, Windev fills the transparent part with some color (I'm guessing the last pen color). It looks like you have a pretty good example. Maybe you could submit this as a bug.

In my case, a signature done as a PNG in the PDF rendered as a black rectangle. I had to solve the problem by going to a 3rd party tool.

Stewart Crisler

von Stewart Crisler - am 10.02.2017 17:44
Thanks for your answer!
Can you tell me which 3rd party tool you used? It'll be a good idea to submit this bug to PCSoft.

von David Cabrera - am 13.02.2017 14:57
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