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WD Mobile IOS info.plist error on upload to itunes connect

Startbeitrag von DW am 10.02.2017 13:32

Hello All,

I have made a small app that gets data from a HFCS. When I upload it to itunes connect I get an email from apple telling me that The app is access to privacy sensitive data without usage description.



Missing Push Notification Entitlement

The thing is I do not use any of the things for my app.
Are there commands in Windev Mobile that trigger these?
Is there some where to turn these off?

Dennis W


Hello Dennis,

I do not know for sure what causes these requirements, probably Windev uses some libraries which add them??

Anyway, you can just manually add these Raw keys into the plist.info.
In my experience, the user will only be notified about this description when it is directly used.
For example your app uses the camera, when the camera is opened the user will be questioned whether he should trust this.


von Rik - am 10.02.2017 19:45

Try adding below lines in Info.plist file:

"Privacy - Camera Usage Description"
"Privacy - photo Description"
"Privacy -Calendar Description"

right inside

I have to do it everytime to modify Info.plist whenever got wm21 program compiled into
ios project file.




von kingDR - am 10.02.2017 22:55
Thanks for the reply,

That is what I ended up doing but kinda leaves me with a bad taste that I am bloating the exe with libraries it does not use. My app has 8 forms very little code and is 35 meg on the iphone seems to be a little fat...


von DW - am 11.02.2017 02:58
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