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Notification iOS (NotifAdd)

Startbeitrag von Rik am 13.02.2017 15:01

Hello all,

At the moment I am struggling with the function NotifAdd.
I would like to notificate the user by use of a push notification when something particular in the database (Client server) changes.

For this manner I use the function NotifAdd which should fulfill my needs.
Got it working on Android. But when I try to use it on an iOS device, no notification pops up.

This is the simplified code I use for testing:

//// Automatic Procedure:
// The procedure is run manually, during a call in the code
// It will be repeated in loop, with a timeout set to 5 seconds between each call
// A new timer is created whenever the procedure is called

PROCEDURE GprPushNotification()
IF BellerAantal < HNbRec(F_beller) THEN
BellerAantal = HNbRec(F_beller)
notif is Notification
notif..Message = "Gebeld"

Am I doing something wrong/forgetting something?



Hello Rik,

I think you have to do a Hread on F_Beller just before HNbRec ?
Something like HRead(F_Beller,CurrentRecNum)

von Harry W - am 13.02.2017 15:47
Hello Harry,

Thank you for your fast response!
The problem is not in the IF function.

Because when I add an info around the NotifAdd function it will produce a 1 (info(NotifAdd(notif)). Which seems rather strange as it won't pop up.
And on Android this piece of code works fine.


von Rik - am 13.02.2017 15:52
Hi Rik,

Do you run this procedure in a thread?


von Wim Nihoul - am 17.02.2017 09:38
Hi Wim,

I use a Timer/Scheduled procedure with the following properties:
- Number of times: Infinite
- Every 5 seconds
- Add an additional timer


von Rik - am 17.02.2017 13:37

I just asked about the thread, because then you could try

PROCEDURE GprPushNotification()
IF BellerAantal < HNbRec(F_beller) THEN
BellerAantal = HNbRec(F_beller)

// new (global) procedure:

PROCEDURE MyNotifAdd(MyMessage is string)
notif is Notification
notif..Message = MyMessage


von Wim Nihoul - am 17.02.2017 15:14
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